American author Nick Airus: ”I like to explore big ideas and challenge issues in a new way”

Av | 12 november, 2018

The Hollywood actor and author Nick Airus wants to help to change consciousness through his creative work; either acting or writing. In his books, he has opened doors to secret societies that control the world – now he is back with the thriller “The Manifesto Murders.”

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The actor and author Nick Airus is back again with the thriller ”The Manifesto Murders” – an book about the FBI-agent Ayden Holmes’ hunt to find a killer that ultimately leads him to a global power structure that have infiltrated the US government.

Nick Airus uses acting and writing to promote his ideas and thoughts. Photo: © Twitter


In this interview Nick Airus talks about his life in Hollywood and that he see himself as a unique combination of a philosophy major and an entertainer and that he is driven by a passion to change people’s way of thinking. Even though Hollywood is known as a place where progressive left-wing ideas thrive, he thinks about himself more like a person that oppose prevailing dogmas.

I am in many ways a throwback to an earlier era when people still thought deeply about all kinds of different things and tried to be “generalists,” rather than specialists in one specific field. I guess I’m a “renaissance man,” if you like, says Nick Airus to newsgram.

He adds.

One thing about my life, I’m driven by a very powerful purpose, and that’s to help change consciousness with my work.

Throughout the interview Nick Airus mentions esotericism, which is sometimes referred to the Western mystery tradition. This is a term under which scholars have categorised a wide range of loosely related ideas and movements which have developed within Western society. The idea of grouping a wide range of Western traditions and philosophies together under the category that is now termed esotericism developed in Europe during the late seventeenth century. This is also the period when the Illuminati was established in Germany.

He also talks about the New World Order which is recognized by many people as a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a small group of people; the Globalists. Some people deny the occurence, while others claim it is true.

Here follows an exciting and an educative interview with Nick Airus – a conversation going back and forth in time and place to get a better understanding about what is going on in the World.

Who are you?

I am a unique combination of a philosophy major and an entertainer. Working in Los Angeles in both the film and entertainment industry as an actor and a producer, as well as writing books, I like to think I have a unique angle to explore big ideas and challenging issues in an exciting new way, says Nick Airus to newsgram.

What motivates you in life?

I am deeply motivated by my passion to use art as a way to enlighten humanity. I live in Hollywood, and sometimes people get very cynical about what entertainment is and what it’s for. I believe that we are living through an incredible time in history right now where the Internet Age has the ability to either distract us, or empower us like never before. It’s a time to question norms and try to live up to our potential, perhaps like never before, says Nick Airus.

How would you describe your life?

I am in many ways a throwback to an earlier era when people still thought deeply about all kinds of different things and tried to be “generalists,” rather than specialists in one specific field. I guess I’m a “renaissance man,” if you like. One thing about my life, I’m driven by a very powerful purpose, and that’s to help change consciousness with my work, says Nick Airus.

What does the culture in Hollywood look like from behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes, Hollywood is full of very fascinating people. It’s strange to see the sort of superficiality in entertainment that keeps everyone wearing the mask of materialism and politically correct ideas. However, if you dig an inch deep you find that almost everyone is questioning the direction society is headed in, says Nick Airus.

He continues.

People want to break with the status quo and start their own brand of revolution. This deep undercurrent I think is manifesting itself all over the world, not just in Hollywood. People seem to be revolting from the establishment which they view as corrupt. One example of this is the “Me too” movement that has rocked Hollywood. I think we are just at the beginning of a huge wave of change, as the paradigm shift that has clearly begun evolves.

Where does your interest in Illuminati and the Q-movement come from?

I think this is a slight confusion, in that people assume my earlier work The Illuminist and the Q Source is about the Internet Q-movement. The whole riddle of Q is actually a much larger phenomenon. There are so many coincidences that surround the letter Q in the intelligence community. Everything from a coded sculpture at CIA headquarters known as Kryptos which includes a riddle involving the letters WW Q, to the origins of the major world religions all starting with the letter Q, says Nick Airus.

He explains.

The series of coincides and their connection to the so-called Illuminati or “enlightened ones” is truly mind bending. My first book, The Illuminist, is a about a technological secret society that has learned this strange truth and are trying to create a new one world religion in the future by fulfilling an all too real ancient prophecy with the powers of Artificial Intelligence.


As far as my interest in the Illuminati, it’s true. I have always been fascinated by the esoteric nature of truth, and how society at large is either not interested in or incapable of figuring out what is really going on in any sufficient depth. If we look at the world today (and The Manifesto Murders is also an exploration of this fact) what the elite owners of this corporatist system are doing and what we see as a popular narrative in the news are completely different realities.

What are the Illuminati?

The Illuminati was an enlightenment era secret society founded by a German Philosopher Adam Weishaupt, coincidentally, in the year 1776. Their goal was to challenge the monarchical and church authorities with the principles of science and enlightenment. Eventually they earned the suspicion and scorn of the ruling elite at that time and were disbanded. Since then a rich mythology surrounding the secret survival of their order through other host groups such as the Freemasons has become quite popular, says Nick Airus.

Han fortsätter.

To be frank, I do not believe “The Order of Illuminati” is a factor anymore, although there are undoubtedly many secretive elite groups still active today that derive inspiration from the original Illuminati. Big tech, the Deep State, the shadow government, the party of Davos, the Bilderberg Group, the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Group, all of these are manifestations of that same esoteric heritage. The truth is stranger than fiction when you really study these things in their depth. I think it’s actually an enormously positive development that these things are becoming so central to our conversation. The “Globalists” are a household name now, and I think that’s as effective of a label as we have come up with yet to describe this esoteric ruling elite, says Nick Airus.

Who is Q?

“Q” is an anonymous hacker working for the Trump White House. Q became famous posting catchy riddles on social media blogsites like 4Chan and 8Chan, and the whole thing went viral. Q specializes in revealing the deep state’s darkest secrets and predicting events. Again, this all happened well after I had written “The Q Source,” and it all only added to the peculiar synchronicity of it all. I think that the Illuminist is a little ahead of its time. I could very well see it blowing up somewhere down the line once people realize some of these bizarre truths that swim so near the surface of popular culture without ever coming up for air, says Nick Airus.

Why is Sweden so heavily overrepresented in C300?

I have no specific knowledge as to why, though I would venture to guess that it probably has to do with the strategic nature of representation, in order to maintain the legitimacy of these international and unelected bureaucracies that many feel do not represent them in a truly democratic fashion. It’s sort of like why certain states have more electoral college votes than others in the U.S., says Nick Airus.

Which group is most powerful among the Globalists?

Right now, I think it’s Big Tech. By far. Google, Facebook, Amazon are swallowing up the “New World Order” whole. They by far hold the most cards. I think this is an emergence of the past ten years. Very recent in historical terms. Before that, and it still in large part is, the mysterious commercial banks who have secret ownership over the Federal Reserve in the United States and IMF (International Monetary Fund) and BIS (Bank of International Settlements) who hold the real influence, says Nick Airus.

Do we see a war of spirituality between good vs evil going on in world politics? As soon as Communism disappeared in Russia and Christianity was ignited, it seems like there was hope again.

I think that the theme of “good vs. evil” has existed for so long because it explains something deep and true about human nature. I think that ultimately nothing is so black and white, but it helps to think of things in these simple terms too. In my belief, those who are supporting freedom and empowerment for humanity during this time of change are generally “good,” and those who are trying to silence the public and consolidate power to save this corrupt system can be viewed as “evil”, says Nick Airus.

How did you come up with the idea behind the thriller “The Manifesto Murders?”

I was wrapping up work on a film I helped produce and I really was ready to jump into a new creative project. I was on the beach on Coronado, in San Diego California, and a flock of black birds took off from this tree and created a dark shroud that blocked out the sunlight. This struck me as a suspenseful opening image to a story, and suddenly I started feeling the characters and headed down that whole trail of thought. It was a very vengeful spirit that wrote that book, but also there was a moderate narrator, so I think the whole experience actually helped me find a more nuanced view of the world and what we call “The Deep State”, says Nick Airus.

If there would exist a parallel world pretty similar to ours, do you think that your story could possibly take place in that world in present time?

Absolutely! Especially given recent events, this book reads like a slightly alternate reality, says Nick Airus.

In what way does your story differ from others about Illuminati?

Talking about The Manifesto Murders, it’s that I think it sort of captures how messy these things are, how chaotic it is even when you’re talking about the hidden order behind world events. It’s a very mature, realistic look at these things, says Nick Airus.

What is the plot to the story about “The Manifesto Murders”?

After an audacious killer assassinates one of the secret owners of the Federal Reserve, and promises to kill another of the most corrupt members of the “Deep State” every Friday for the next three months or until his controversial terms are met, the top Violent Crimes Division Special Agent is assigned to investigate. As Agent Ayden Holmes tracks the killer down, a series of revelations rock his conscience. He is left in inner turmoil, and is forced to take a closer look at what is really going on behind the scenes of the government, including the FBI. I don’t want to give more than this away, says Nick Airus.

Which are the main characters?

The book is mostly written in first person, from the perspective of Ayden Holmes, who is a patriotic family man and kind of the golden boy of the Violent Crimes Division. He is the proverbial honorable “rank and file” street agent below the leadership level at the FBI who actually does the investigative work that protects the American people. However, the killer is also a major character. The identity of the killer is a mystery that gets revealed in layers, so I won’t give too much away. Other than that, there are a lot of characters loosely based on real people who you might identify. It’s been said it was clever how I pulled this off, says Nick Airus.

Where does the story take place?

Primarily the greater Washington D.C. area, although there are scenes that take place everywhere from Los Angeles to Spain, says Nick Airus.

What response has the book received?

The response has been amazing. Lots of enthusiastic reviews keep coming in, with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars. I’ve been compared to some of the biggest names in the business in terms of quality of the writing. The book has struck a chord with a certain segment of the population. I think that the major publishing houses have starved the public from any truly hard-hitting concepts that would explore this stuff. It’s an exciting time to be alive. I am thrilled to be able to bring this somewhat renegade content to you regardless of any consequences. I’m beyond fear at this point, and I will continue exploring controversial topics as I see fit. I think those of us who want to expose the long hidden truth have all the momentum now! says Nick Airus.

What message would you like to address to Swedish readers?

Global events are truly reaching a crescendo. Believe in your sovereignty and your freedom. Don’t allow far away bureaucrats and ivory tower elites tell you what you can and can’t think, what books you should or shouldn’t read, and what your political future looks like. Stay informed and realize what a revolutionary period this truly is! says Nick Airus.

Thank you!

Nick Airus’ book ”The Manifesto Murders” is available here.

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