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Av | 30 mars, 2019

The Pentagon’s R&D department DARPA had big plans for the LifeLog-project in the early 2000s. It would be an über diary. The very same day as the Pentagon killed the LifeLog-project, Mark Zuckerberg founded the social media platform Facebook. Even more troublesome for Facebook’s CEO is the fact that he has headhunted DARPA’s research director to lead Facebook’s research on artificial intelligence.

newsgram | Nynäshamn 30 mars 2019

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Swedish on April 13th last year in connection with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg attending committee hearings in Washington. In social media, some whistleblowers had been posting information suggesting that Zuckerberg did not start Facebook at all in a Harvard dorm room. Instead the Pentagon developed a prototype into an über diary similar to Facebook – they called it the LifeLog-project. It turns out that Pentagon actually cancelled the LifeLog-project the very same day that Mark Zuckerberg officially founded Facebook.

In August last year, it became known that the Swedish government at that time had a ”hotline” to Facebook to get posts that expressed political thoughts that the Swedish establishment disliked deleted from the platform. People that criticize the censorship that occurs in social media says that the social media companies should be regulated just like utilities to prevent that political dissidents does not get shut down because of their political views. The connection between the Swedish government, MSB and political parties with Facebook to oppress ideas that the establishment does not like confirms that Facebook is not a private company like other private companies. Facebook operates in a liberal economy, but when it comes to freedom of speech, censorship hits citizens that try to express ideas and thoughts that the establishment does not approve.

On Monday, Facebook and Instagram will begin to ban political views that celebrate “White nationalism” and “White separatism” while allowing all other ethnic/religious groups to continue to advocate for their own in-groups. That makes this article more important than ever before.

Now when this article has finally been re-published and translated to English I hope it will reach out to a broader audience.

Enjoy the reading!

Carl Gram, Nynäshamn on March 30th 2019

Something happened after the committee hearings by Mark Zuckerberg in Washington D. C. this week. At the moment, the issue is being raised in social media if Facebook, in fact, is a rebranded Pentagon DARPA-project that previously went under the name LifeLog. When the prototype for LifeLog was presented to the research community in 2003, it was described as a way for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to gather information from each individual’s life – thereafter dump everything in a database – to then spin all the information to storytelling threads in order to track relationships, events and experiences, writes Wired Magazine. The Pentagon used to talk about the LifeLog project as an experiment to build an all-inclusive über diary. A kind of equivalent to today’s Facebook.

Some people believe Edward Snowden is behind the drop at 8chan that revealed the link between the Pentagon’s LifeLog-project and Facebook. Foto © Twitter


There are many things that indicate it is the mythical whistleblower Edward Snowden who is behind the release of the news that finally connects the Pentagon’s cancelled project and Facebook with each other. It seems like he did it late Wednesday evening at the American chat forum 8chan. A little bit like it was done upon request.

The whistleblower Q’s cryptic message on the chat forum 8chan. Foto © Twitter


Five years ago – in 2013 – Edward Snowden got the status of a hero after the American leaked thousands of top secret papers from the National Security Agency, the NSA, to the British newspaper The Guardian. The NSA leak reveals electronic mass surveillance of the American people. At first Edward Snowden escaped to Hong Kong, but he soon travelled to Moscow where he was being stranded when his passport was withdrawn.

Facebook – a front of the CIA Deep State?

In his possession – he may have had as much as 1.5 million top secret NSA documents – some of them describe the construction of algorithms on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Algorithms that control the event flow that users can see on their computer screens when they log on to, for example, Facebook. Yet no one has really managed to figure out whether Edward Snowden is a Black Hat or a White Hat or if he plays solo.


When the spectacular committee hearings with Mark Zuckerberg ended on Wednesday, rumours started to buzz about Pentagon’s LifeLog project in social media such as 8chan, Twitter and YouTube. No one knows for sure who the whistleblower on 8chan might be. But many people point their fingers in the direction of Edward Snowden.

Maybe that LifeLog-connection came from Snowden? That’s crazy. I mean, I guess it’s no shock that Snowden is on the boards posting. I suspect all the intelligence individuals are on there watching. But I’m sure some of them are interacting, says Dustin Nemos who runs a YouTube-channel with thousands of followers.

In his latest podcast, he goes through his own Twitter feed. Nemos points out a tweet that he thinks is particularly interesting.

Yeah, and then she (Lisa Mei Crowley, reds. anm) thinks that this 1131 post is Q confirming that it was Snowden posting that particular connection. So this will really make Mark Zuckerberg fearful I think. His entire foundation of the company’s premise that he started it all in college. All of this other BS, says Dustin Nemos.

Because the very same day as the Pentagon killed the LifeLog project in early 2004, Mark Zuckerberg founded the social media platform Facebook to connect people all over the world. No one really knows why the LifeLog-project was shut down. Nobody wanted to talk about it really.

A change in priorities, says Jan Walker, spokeswoman at DARPA, to Wired News.

DARPA is the US Department of Defense’s research branch. The Pentagon’s LifeLog-project was an ambitious attempt to map a person’s entire existence. Everything would be gathered on a digital platform – LifeLog – where more or less everything a person says, watches or does: phone calls made, the TV-shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, health status, sent and received by mail. Everything on LifeLog was supposed to be saved.

A Twitter user notices that deleted posts on Facebook are saved – even though Mark Zuckerberg claims that Facebook also deletes these posts. Foto © Twitter


There are too many similarities between LifeLog and Facebook which cannot be dismissed as a mere coincidence. You might compare Facebook to a computer that maps everything into an individual’s life through images, searches, videos, music, chatting, contacts and relationships. Not even people who stay away from Facebook avoid digital surveillance. Everyone who does not exist on Facebook probably knows someone who has registered a Facebook account. This way Facebook also keeps track of people outside the platform.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that Facebook is obviously just a front of the CIA Deep State. And of course this LifeLog-project was just realized through a non-governmental agency that wouldn’thave to be subject to any kind of oversight or FOIA requests or legal restrictions, says vlogger Dustin Nemos.

He continues.

Please take my Twitter that I posted. It’s a meme of this and then repost it. Make it go viral. Put this thing out there. Let people know that there is a connection between these social media tech giants and the CIA and the Deep State. People realize it’s there. People know about the Deep State now.

If the Pentagon’s LifeLog-project would had become a reality, the digital platform could have played an important role in developing what is called Artificial Intelligence, AI. Thus how a computer – like a human – structures a large amount of information in order to create a logical context from chaos. The research world did not understand what happened when the Pentagon decided to scrap the LifeLog project from one day to another.

Obviously we’re quite disappointed. We were very interested in the research focus of the program … how to help a person capture and organize his or her experience. This is a theme with great importance to both AI and cognitive science, says Howard Shrobe, who led a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory which spent weeks preparing a bid for a LifeLog contract, to Wired News.

He used to work in a team at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, when it became known that the LifeLog project was cancelled. At this time – in 2004 – there were similar AI projects in many other areas of the high-tech industry. While the Pentagon dumped the LifeLog project, Microsoft continued to find ways to sort and store large amounts of data through Microsoft’s own MyLifeBits project. It seems like no politician has investigated the links between DARPA, LifeLog and Facebook from what has been known from the committee hearing on Capitol Hill,. Although it is known that Mark Zuckerberg has headhunted key personnel from the LifeLog project.


Instead, in the hearing Mark Zuckerberg focused on to describe Facebook as a social platform that is all about connecting people and ideas. Nothing else. During Tuesday’s Senate Committee Hearing, Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions from Republican Ted Cruz.

Mr Zuckerberg, does Facebook consider itself as a neutral public forum, asked Ted Cruz.


Senator, we consider ourselves to be a platform for all ideas, answered Mark Zuckerberg.

A year ago (2017) at the F8 Congress, Facebook Inc revealed that it has a team of 60 engineers. They work on building a so-called brain-computer interface – brain computer interface. Something that will allow a person to write texts with the mind without foreign implants implanted in the body, according to the American journal TechCrunch. The Facebook team plans to use optical imaging to scan the brain a hundred times a second to be able to read the thoughts inside the head. To then transfer the thoughts to text mass on the computer. At the F8 conference in 2017, Mark Zuckerberg and the company’s Chief Technology Officer made jokes with some examples from what Facebook itself calls ”direct brain interface” technology.

What if you could type directly from your brain? asked Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s R&D division Building 8, to the conference attendees.

Av Carl Gram

Clarification 17/10-20: There is no QANON. However, there are Q vs ANON that are separate from each other. In short, the user Q publishes Q posts online and then crowdsourcing takes place where Anon’s interprets Q’s posts. This article has been updated by changing QANON to Q which is the correct term in this case.

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